Latest Work

New Windows 10 May 2020 is available

Microsoft released the Windows 10 May 2020 update for all computers. Read our article to see what is new in this Windows 10, version 2004 and how to get the update.

Network issue between the office and living room

How we reestablished the Internet from the office to the living room with TP-Link powerline adapters. This meant to diagnose the network and replace the defective existing adapters

EasyJet Cyber Attack

CyberSecurity news: Read our ITSolutek article regarding the Cyber Attack on EasyJet with a clear list of facts, steps to take and how to update your password on EasyJet website

Remote Assistance

Are you having issues with your computer, tablet or smartphone? Scared having anyone with the current pandemic? We can remotely assist you.

acer aspire 5333 motherboard replacement
Replacing motherboard on a Laptop Acer Aspire 5333

Need to replace a motherboard on a laptop? See how we brought a donated Acer Aspire, model 5333, not booting at all, back to life.

COVID-19 Lockdown: what does IT Solutek do?

The current lockdown has changed our way of living. How IT Solutek respond to this? Can you still contact us for our services? Please read our article regarding what we can and cannot do. For any chan…

IT Solutek and COVID-19

Read our update on how we deal with the spread of COVID-19, updates on our working hours, what steps we take to prevent the spread and changes on services we can offer. Please, don’t forget to use our…

Windows 7 End of Support notification
January 14, 2020: End of Windows 7, are you ready?

The support for Windows 7 is nearing the end. Read our article for Microsoft recommendations. Check with us what to do at a competitive price.

WIndows 10 November 2019
Windows 10 November 2019 Update

Ready for the Windows 10 1909 upgrade? Anything to learn regarding this upgrade in this article. Contact us if you need help.

mSATA SSD failure on a HP Folio 13

An example of a repair done for a customer including the replacement of the drive, the restore of the software licences and personal files and the upgrade from the soon out of date Windows 7 to the la…

Security hole in Lenovo Laptops

A bug creating a security hole was discovered on Lenovo laptops. Check our article to know what to do.

broken windows 10 illustration
Corrupted user profile after a Windows 10 upgrade

Corrupted System after upgrade. Read how we solved this issue.

Windows 7 Logo
End of support for Windows 7

What does this mean to you and what do you need to do? Check out the advises given by Microsoft.

open hard disk drive studio isolated
Offering new service: Hard Drive data erasing

We just acquired our new hard drive data eraser allowing us to add this in our list of services. Check all our services, for desktop and laptops.

Malware Discovery for Android Devices

Check your phone for a potential ‘Joker’ malware. Read the article to know how.

Malicious websites to hack your iPhone

You might have heard about the attacks on iPhone users through hacked websites. The news has been widely covered on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 August 2019 by tech medias (9TO5Mac, TechCrunch) and major…

Streaming Device Issue with newly installed Telly

A telly not working? Or a device connected to it not behaving? Ready the outcome here

Hard drive data recovery

This customer replaced his desktop computer as his older desktop died. He asked me if I could recover his files. This work is easier than it looks. It is a matter of accessing the hard drive and conne…

Asus VivoBook X5556U

Another work this week: reparing a keyboard of an Asus VivoBook which has some keys not responding. The customer admitted that water has been spilt on it. Investigation First things first, I checked w…

Hardware Upgrade of the HP Mini 210-1100

You might remember the little HP netbook a friend let me worked on to speed it up? It turns out that it is not satisfactory for my friend. She was okay with Xubuntu but the netbook was still too slow …

Replacing camera on a laptop
Changing camera on Dell Studio 1749

On this Dell Studio 1749 Laptop, the camera sends back a black picture. This can happen when the camera is dead. Not a problem, let’s replace it! To access the camera we either open up completel…

Upgrade, maintenance and cleaning of an HP Mini 210-1100

A friend needed help with her netbook. It became so slow that it was impossible to use. Also it was running with Windows 7. While this is a good Operating System, it won’t be supported by Januar…

Setting up an email address on a new computer

A friend got his new computer last week. As others would, he struggled to access his email address back on the Windows Mail App. Not a problem, I went to his place yesterday and we logged on his compu…

Apache Config – Multi Domains

I learnt to use Apache by self teaching. While I managed to make it run and open few web applications, I never understood how it works to assign different URLs for different folders. Looking at this v…