Upgrading to SSD

Replacing your hard drive (HD) to a solid slate drive (SSD) is the best investement to drastically improve the performance of your computer (laptop or desktop). The SSDs use flash memory to offer really noticable performance gains when compared to mechanical hard drives. Also, SSDs are more reliable than HDs.



SSDs offer a faster running device, wether it is to start the device or to open a programme. Programs can load the data faster than the standard HDs as they do not need to wait for the discs to spin up. SSDs can give the feeling of a far more responsive computer.

Of course assuming that an SSD would resolve the slowness of your computer may be wrong. The reason being a slow computer may be elsewhere and just replacing the hard drive to a solid slate drive would not solve the underlying issue.


The SSDs technology is mature enough that the price per storage unit is going down. This, with the other advantages, makes the upgrade to an SSD more appealing.

Because the SSDs do not have moving parts, they are less prone to fail, with all the costs a broken HD generates like loosing data or replacing the HD itself.

They are an excellent choice to extend the life of a laptop for a low price instead of replacing your device for a newer model.

Wanting to upgrade?

After all consideration you decide to upgrade your computer with an SSD but you do not feel comfortable to do it by yourself, please contact me and I will be happy to do that for you.

Please explain the issue you are facing or the service you are requesting for.